2018 Instructors

John Robinson

Guest Instructor & Choreographer – IN   View the line dances he has choreographed on Copperknob.

If you are a line dancer and you are asking yourself “who is that?” then you NEED to come to the 2018 Get in Line RI event.  John Robinson aka “Mr. Showcase” will be teaching a few line dances throughout the night.

He brings line dancing to a new level and you will be entertained.  Here is a link to his website to get a glimpse of what you are in store for:

John Robinson Website

Cathy Coffey

I have heard that Cathy plays a mean Ukuleles, but, I know Cathy from her impressive instruction on the dance floor.  She has a contagious personality both on and off the stage.  Cathy is great at teaching all levels of dance and she makes sure to accommodate for all dancers on the floor.

Wayne Learned

Although he teaches in MA, at The Ranch, he will be an instructor at the 2018 Get in Line RI line dance event.  Why? Well, over the years, Wayne has helped so many Rhode Islanders learn to line dance.  He is a great instructor and I am so glad he is able to teach at the 2018 event.

Addison Albro

Addison is a talented line dance instructor, choreographer, and DJ from the Mishnock Barn in Rhode Island.  He will be teaching a couple of his favorite dances at Get in Line RI – It’s always a good time when he is on the mic & we’re excited to have him this year.

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